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Top 10 Android Browsers Using Least RAM & Storage (2022)

Web browsers these days are notorious for consuming a lot of storage and RAM, which can affect the performance of your Android phone, especially on older or entry-level devices with limited resources. And hence, it could be better for many people to switch to a lightweight Android browser. Here, we have curated a list of the best Android browsers that consume the least RAM and storage and help keep your device running smoothly for a long time.

Lightweight Android Browsers That Use Less RAM and Storage

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Lightweight Android Browsers That Use Least RAM & Storage

We use web browsers almost daily on our smartphones. Be it opening links, downloading files, or visiting a website. But they can consume a lot of storage space and RAM over time.

This leads to poor performance on old or any entry-level Android Go smartphones with 2-3GB RAM and limited storage space. We will help you find some alternative browsers that suit your needs and are light on your phone’s resources.

Disclaimer: We have tested all the browsers with five website tabs open to check the foreground RAM consumption and then kept the browser running for 3 hours to check the background RAM consumption. App size after installation depends on the data cached. Your usage and results may vary from ours.

1. Via Browser

Via is a modern-looking web browser with several great customization options for the homepage and toolbar. It also comes with an inbuilt adblocker, the ability to block third-party cookies, and you can set your custom filters for ads.

The loading times are quick, and switching tabs also feels snappy. It can save webpages as PDFs to read later and intelligently load images to save data. The best part about the Via browser is that it packs all these features in just over 1MB, making it one of the least RAM and storage-consuming Android browsers.

Key Feature

  • Clean and modern design.
  • Built-in Ad and pop-up blocker.
  • Customization options to change appearance.
  • QR code scanner on the homepage.
  • Intelligently loads images to save data.

App Size: 1.3 MB

App Size after Installation: 5.8 MB

Foreground RAM Usage: 400 MB

Background RAM Usage: 12 MB

Developed By: Tu Yafeng

Download Here: Via Browser

2. Opera Touch

Opera Touch is another lightweight browser. But it does not compromise on speed and features. It has a clean user interface that can be controlled with just one hand using the Fast Action Button. But you can switch back to traditional navigation.

There are also many privacy protection features like native adblocking support, prevention against third-party cookies from tracking, and crypto-jacking protection. If you already use the Opera browser on your desktop, you can transfer files, texts, and links with Opera touch.

Key Features

  • Fast Action Button to navigate with one hand.
  • Native Adblocker.
  • Crypto-jacking protection.
  • Seamless file Transfer with Desktop Opera browser.
  • Force Dark theme on all Web pages.

App Size: 11 MB

App Size after Installation: 27 MB

Foreground RAM Usage: 475 MB

Background RAM Usage: 23 MB

Developed By: Opera

Download Here: Opera Touch

3. DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser

DuckDuckGo is a privacy-focused web browser. It comes with various ways to protect your data and keep your online activity safe and secure. You can find features like private search, HTTPS enforcement on all websites, and a Fire button on the address bar to clear all the tabs and data at once.

It is followed by Track radar which blocks all third-party cookie trackers. It only uses the DuckDuckGo search engine instead of Google. Global Privacy Control prevents sites from selling your data.

It can also block email trackers and any other hidden trackers on your installed apps, but you will have to join the waitlist to access these features as they are in the Beta phase.

Key Features

  • Uses the DuckDuckGo search engine.
  • Fire Button to clear all data at once.
  • Force HTTPS on all websites.
  • Blocks third-party cookies and hidden trackers.
  • Displays Privacy Report.

App Size: 17 MB

App Size after Installation: 50 MB

Foreground RAM Usage: 244 MB

Background RAM Usage: 14 MB

Developed By: DuckDuckGo

Download Here: DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser

4. Berry Browser

Berry browser is very basic in its appeal and intended for those who prefer a clean and straightforward user interface. The tab switcher layout is similar to desktop browsers, and you can even open sites in desktop view by default.

It has a native dark mode that works on all websites and an adblocker with custom filters. You can customize the toolbar and add any action that you use frequently. And it has gesture navigation controls. The browser is less demanding on RAM and storage but loads pages fairly quickly.

Key Features

  • Customizable toolbar.
  • Native Adblocker with custom filters.
  • Universal Dark mode.
  • Gesture Navigation Controls
  • Simple and Accessible user interface.

App Size: 3.3 MB

App Size after Installation: 9.8 MB

Foreground RAM Usage: 360 MB

Background RAM Usage: 6 MB

Developed By: Ejimax

Download Here: Berry Browser

5. OH Web Browser

The OH browser makes browsing single-hand-friendly with its complete bottom interface. All the tools, address bar, and tab switcher are located at the bottom. And there is a one-handed button to bring down the contents of the webpage to an accessible height.

Other than that, there is a native Adblocker and image blocker, which improves the loading time of websites. You can also find a PDF and web archive converter and a reader mode. Some features like Adblocker and themes are available on the app’s premium version, a one-time purchase.

Key features

  • Complete Bottom Interface.
  • Pdf and Web archive convertor.
  • Gesture controls.
  • Dedicated One-handed mode button.
  • Reader mode for articles.

App Size: 6.2 MB

App Size after Installation: 9.3 MB

Foreground RAM Usage: 305 MB

Background RAM Usage: 8 MB

Developed By: One Handy

Download Here: OH Web Browser

6. Stargon Browser

Stargon browser has a polished, neat design, and most of its settings are accessible from the bottom. It has a few unique features hidden within the settings. You can find features like an image and video downloader to easily download media without using a third-party app.

You can also play videos in the background with background playback. There is an option to set a pattern lock so no one else can snoop on your browsing history and a native DNS VPN to access content that is not available in your region.

Do note that video download and background playback do not work with YouTube.

Key features

  • Pattern lock.
  • Image and Video downloader.
  • Built-in DNS VPN
  • Background Playback support.
  • QR Code scanner.

App Size: 4 MB

App Size after Installation: 8.3 MB

Foreground RAM Usage: 460 MB

Background RAM Usage: 35 MB

Developed By: Onecook

Download Here: Stargon Browser

7. Aloha Lite Browser

Aloha Lite is a lighter version of the popular Aloha browser. You will find several similarities if you have used the Aloha browser previously. There is a newsfeed on the homepage to keep you up to date.

And as for privacy, there is an in-built VPN, passcode lock for browser and private tabs, and you can send Do Not Track requests to websites and enable HTTPS everywhere. If you have an Aloha account, you can sync your data among other devices with the Aloha browser.

To improve loading speeds and reduce background RAM consumption, we recommend you turn off Newsfeed and opt out of any UX program and personalized ads.

Key features

  • Passcode lock for browser and private tabs.
  • Free built-in VPN.
  • Force HTTPS on every site.
  • QR Code scanner.
  • Sync data across devices with Aloha Profile.

App Size: 15 MB

App Size after Installation: 8.3MB

Foreground RAM Usage: 450 MB

Background RAM Usage: 55 MB

Developed By: Aloha Mobile

Download Here: Aloha Browser Lite

8. Dolphin Zero Incognito Browser

Dolphin Zero is a highly barebones web browser with a download size of 500 KB. There is no settings option, any added features, or even tabs, so you cannot browse on multiple tabs. It will not save any browsing history and deletes it upon exit.

You should download it if you want to browse something private on a friend’s phone or struggling to find any space on your Android device. You can also use it as a secondary incognito browser on your smartphone.

Key features

  • Smallest download size at 500 KB.
  • Deletes all data upon exit.
  • Sends Do Not Track requests by default.
  • Supports up to five Search engines.

App Size: 460 KB

App Size after Installation: 1.27 MB

Foreground RAM Usage: 230 MB

Background RAM Usage: 2 MB

Developed By: Dolphin Browser

Download Here: Dolphin Zero Incognito Browser

9. Pure Browser

The Pure browser is a great way to browse the web if you are low on storage space. The app comes with a decent set of tools like Adblocker with an option to whitelist websites, save pages as PDFs for offline reading, and switch the website’s content to a different device UI or translate pages with Google Translate.

You can also take partial screenshots and load pages quickly with an image blocker. It has almost all the features you need and none that you don’t.

Key features

  • Theme Support.
  • Native Adblock with whitelisting option.
  • Image blocker.
  • Save webpages as PDFs.
  • Take Partial screenshots.

App Size: 7 MB

App Size after Installation: 15.7 MB

Foreground RAM Usage: 170 MB

Background RAM Usage: 7 MB

Developed By: PureBrowser

Download Here: Pure Browser

10. Hermit Lite Apps Browser

Hermit is unlike any browser on this list. Instead of a traditional browser that creates tabs, Hermit creates web apps called Lite Apps. You can add these Lite apps to your home screen.

Each lite app can be signed in with a different profile to have 2 Lite apps on Instagram, both running different profiles. You can also customize their themes and icon, and you get plenty of handy tools within the Lite app.

Links clicked in other apps open directly in Lite apps if you set Hermit as your default browser. It is a great way to declutter your device from memory-hogging apps and replace them with Lite apps. Lite apps also do not run in the background. However, some features of hermit are locked behind a one-time purchase.

Key features

  • Creates Web Apps.
  • Customizable Content blocker.
  • Separate Profiles and settings for each lite App.
  • Customizable themes for individual lite App.
  • Create separate instances of the same Lite app.

App Size: 4 MB

App Size after Installation: 8 MB

Foreground RAM Usage: 460 MB

Background RAM Usage: 35 MB

Developed By: Chimbori

Download Here: Hermit Lite Apps Browser

Lightweight Browsers Not Available on the Play Store

There are some other great lightweight browsers that you might like to try out, but you won’t be able to find them on the Play Store, but we still wanted to mention them in this list. Apps not on the Play Store carry a security risk, so if you are unsure about it, it is better to go with our other options mentioned above. We also recommend using the links we mentioned to download these apps.

1. Mint Browser

Mint browser is a compact browser developed by Xioami, well known for its smartphones and other gadgets. It is a clean browser bundled with a decent set of features like Adblocker.

Furthermore, you can restrict third-party cookies, a video downloader to download clips from your favorite social media websites, and a data saver mode that restricts ads and large images to save your data and improves the loading times of pages.

It provides a good browsing experience, but we recommend you to opt out of the User Experience Program in the Privacy settings of the app.

Key features

  • Compact Size and Clean UI.
  • Ad and Cookie Blocker.
  • Video Downloader.
  • Data Saver mode.
  • Restrict Images for faster load times.

App Size: 14 MB

App Size after Installation: 30 MB

Foreground RAM Usage: 350 MB

Background RAM Usage: 12 MB

Developed By: Xiaomi Inc.

Download Here: Mint Browser

2. FOSS Browser

Foss is a fast and lightweight open-source browser. It is optimized for handed use and supports 20 gestures on the toolbar for ease of use. It also features the Material You theming, which will adapt according to the colors of your wallpaper.

There are many privacy-focused features like an adblocker that gets constantly updated and third-party cookies and trackers are completely disabled. It allows you to backup all your data to an SD card.

To download the FOSS browser, you must first download F-Droid on your device.

Key features

  • Wallpaper-based Themes.
  • One-handed optimized Interface.
  • Built-in Adblocker.
  • Play videos in the background.
  • Gesture navigation support.

App Size: 8.17 MB

App Size after Installation: 14 MB

Foreground RAM Usage: 460 MB

Background RAM Usage: 35 MB

Developed By: Gaukler Faun

Download from F-Droid: Foss Browser

Which Android Browser Consumed the Least RAM When Running?

Based on our testing, Pure Browser, Dolphin Zero, and DuckDuckGo consumed the least amount of RAM when running in the foreground on Android. If you have a phone with 1-3GB of RAM, consider using these lightweight browsers.

Which Android Browser Consumed the Least RAM in Background?

Out of the browsers mentioned above, Foss, OH Browser, Berry, and Pure browsers were the ones to consume the least RAM when in the background. This indicates fewer background processes- good for battery life and smoother functioning.

Which Android Browser Consumed the Least Storage After Installation?

Most apps consume extra storage, apart from their original size, when you start using them. In the case of the browser, this includes additional downloads, cache, and other website data stored by the browser.

While the size would differ based on the phone’s make and model and your browsing usage, almost all browsers in the list consume less storage space. This includes the Dolphin Zero, Via browser, Berry browser, OH browser, Opera Touch, Sargon, and Aloha Lite.

How to Disable Your Pre-Installed Browser?

Android smartphones come pre-installed with Chrome and another browser by the manufacturer of that device like Samsung Internet or Xiaomi browser. These browsers can consume a lot of storage space and keep running in the background. Since they are pre-installed, you are not allowed to uninstall them, but you can disable them. Here’s how you can do that:

Step 1: Go to the Settings of your phone.

Step 2: Scroll down to Apps and open it.

Step 3: Press the All Apps option.

Step 4: Scroll down and locate the browsers you want to disable.

Step 5: Select the Disable option.

This will essentially remove the app from your device till you decide to enable it again.

Wrapping Up- Browse Lite on Android

This sums up our list of the top 10 best lightweight Android web browsers that consume the least RAM and storage. Most of the browsers in this list come with some necessary features that help enhance your browsing experience but have a lot of data and improve loading times, and you need not always have to go with a fancy web browser to enjoy all these features. We hope you enjoyed this guide, and stay tuned to Browser To Use for more such amazing guides and How to’s.