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How to Enable Desktop Sharing Hub in Microsoft Edge

The Chromium-based Microsoft Edge is a quite functional and feature-packed browser. While it brings more than enough features to the table, there are several more in the pipeline. Microsoft is currently testing a new experimental feature called Sharing Hub that makes it easier to share content with other people. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how you can enable and use Desktop Sharing Hub in the Microsoft Edge browser.

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Enable & Use Desktop Sharing Hub in Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge has evolved a lot as a browser in the last few years. The addition of so many cool features like Vertical Tabs, Built-in screenshot tool, Sleeping Tabs, Tab Search, and now the Sharing Hub has made the mark for browser.

That being said, below is how you can enable and use Sharing Hub in Edge browser on your PC.

Step 1: Open Microsoft Edge browser on your Windows or Mac computer.

Step 2: Type and enter Edge://flags in the address bar to visit Edge experimental features page.

Edge Flags

Step 3: On the Edge Flags page, search for “Sharing Hub.” You will get two results- Desktop Sharing Hub in App Menu and Desktop Sharing Hub in Omnibox. The former will bring Sharing Hub to the Edge three-dot menu, while the latter will enable it in the address bar.

Desktop Sharing Hub in App Menu and Omnibox

Step 4: Both these flags will be set as Default. Tap on the drop-down menu for each and set it to Enabled.

Desktop Sharing Hub in App Menu and Omnibox

Step 5: Once the flags are turned on, Edge will send a prompt to restart the browser to make these changes in effect.

Restart Microsoft Edge

Step 6: As soon as you restart the browser, Sharing Hub icon will start appearing in the address bar.

Steps to Use Sharing Hub in Edge

To use the Sharing Hub, the next time you visit a webpage, tap the Sharing icon. You will get four different share options- Copy link, QR code, Cast, and Save page as.

Sharing Hub icon in Edge

You can use the Copy link to copy the link to the webpage and paste it anywhere. Whereas the QR code option will create a sharable QR code of the web page. The Cast option is for casting the webpage on an external screen. Lastly, the Save page as allows you to save the webpage on your computer.

Sharing Hub in Edge

Note: The method to enable and use Desktop Sharing Hub will work for both- Edge Canary 92.0.900.0 and Google Chrome 92 and later versions.

Final Words

Microsoft Edge is adding features at a rapid pace. The Sharing Hub feature seems quite useful for someone who frequently shares web pages. Although the feature is experimental for now, I hope it will arrive in the public build very soon. Anyways, what are your thoughts about the Sharing Hub feature in Edge? Let me know in the comments below.