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2 Ways to Increase Video, Audio Volume in Google Chrome

Most of us use Google Chrome for all our browsing needs, whether reading articles or consuming media content. With the advancement in microphone technologies, most online video or audio content has an adequate sound level. But in the case of older videos, some of you might feel that the volume is very low- you may try increasing the volume, but what if it’s already at 100%? To help in such cases, here are three ways to increase video and audio volume in Google Chrome.

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Increase Video Audio Volume in Google Chrome

Usually, to increase video or audio volume, we use system-level controls. Once we reach 100%, most of us think this is the max we can get. But the sound we get from the speaker is decided by the controls set by device manufacturers. The device makers tune the speaker at a level so that they keep working even after years of usage.

Obviously, Chrome does not have an inbuilt volume control to increase sound levels on top of what the system has set. This is where extensions come to the rescue. When I first came across these extensions, I was confused if really do they work or it’s just a scam to get downloads. But after testing a few of them, I can confidently say they work pretty well.

There are hundreds of extensions claiming to increase video audio volume in Google Chrome but not all of them actually work. Also, you can’t add all of them and then find the one that actually works. To make things easy for you, I did the heavy lifting.

I went ahead added almost every popular Chrome Extension that claims to increase volume, tested all of them one by one, and picked two of them that actually work, explained below.

1. Volume Master

The very first extension I recommend to all of you is Volume Master. It has around 1 Million users, and it certainly deserves it.

Step 1: Click on this link to visit the extension page. You can also search “Volume Master” in Chrome Web Store.

Volume Master

Step 2: Once you are there on the Extension page, tap on Add to Chrome. Once the extension is added, you will find it in the extension bar.

Step 3: Now refresh the page on which you were encountering low volume. Tap on the Volume Master icon. It will be showing the current level of volume.

Volume Master at 300%

Step 4: You will see a slider to control the volume of that particular tab. By default, it will be set at 100% and you can increase the volume all the way up to 600%.

Increase Audio Video Volume in Google Chrome

Step 5: If you have more than one tab playing audio, all of them will be accessible below the slider. You can switch to a particular tab and control the volume levels. Interestingly you can set different volume levels for different tabs. It means you can keep, let’s say, one tab at 70% and the other at 150%.

2. Volume Booster

Next up on our list is Volume Booster. It also delivers what it claims and boosts the volume in Google Chrome.

Increase Audio Video Volume in Google Chrome

Step 1: Visit this URL or search for “Volume Booster” in Chrome Web Store to get on its page.

Step 2: Like you install other extensions tap on Add To Chrome.

Step 3: After adding the extension, you will find its icon in the extension bar. While playing a video, tap on the icon, and you will get a slider to increase volume levels. Adjust the slider as per your requirement, and you are good to go.

Increase Audio Video Volume in Google Chrome

My Thoughts On These Extensions

Most of these volume booster extensions certainly increase the volume and you will definitely notice a huge difference in the audio level. The sound feels good up to 300% but over that It starts distorting the speakers.

I will not recommend using it for every content you watch as increasing volume to too much higher levels for a longer period of time will decrease speakers’ performance. In fact, it might also damage the speakers. Use it as a tool where you are finding it hard to hear the audio in a video.

Final Words

Increasing volume levels in Google Chrome is so much easy with these volume booster extensions. If you were facing an issue hearing sound in videos, you must give them a try, and you will not regret it. Here I have recommended the one that I find working best, but you can try others too. Anyways, what are your experiences with volume booster Chrome extensions? Do let us know in the comments.