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3 Ways to Export and Import Bookmarks or Favorites in Firefox

Firefox is a popular browser loaded with tons of features and customizations options. If for some reason, you’re switching from Firefox to another browser or vice versa, you may want to transfer your data including saved bookmarks. However, importing and exporting boomarks in Firefox can be quite confusing. In this article, let’s see how to export and import bookmarks or favorites in Firefox on PC and Android.

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Import or Export Bookmarks in Firefox PC

Export Bookmarks to HTML

Firefox lets you export bookmarks into an HTML file through bookmarks library. You can import these bookmarks later in other browsers like Google Chrome and Edge.

To export favorites in Firefox, follow the steps mentioned below:

Step 1: Open the Firefox browser, click the menu button, and select Bookmarks.

Step 2: You will land on the Bookmarks window. Here, click on Manage Bookmarks. You can also use the shortcut Ctrl+Shift+O.

Step 3: A new window will open up to see all the Firefox bookmarks.

Step 4: On the bookmark manager window, click on Import and Backup.

Export Firefox Bookmarks Favorites

Step 5: Then, click on Export Bookmarks to HTML.

Export Firefox Bookmarks Favorites to HTML

Step 6: Select the file location, name, and click Save.

Export Firefox Bookmarks Favorites

You can now import the exported HTML bookmarks file to other browsers like Chrome or Edge.

Import Bookmarks from HTML File

To import bookmarks to Firefox, you need to have the exported bookmark file from Chrome, Edge or any other browser. Once you have the bookmarks file, follow these steps:

Step 1: Open Firefox, click the menu button and tap Bookmarks.

Step 2: Click on Manage Bookmarks to enter bookmark manager.

Import Bookmarks to Firefox

Step 3: On the Bookmark Library, click on Import and Backup.

Export Firefox Bookmarks Favorites

Step 4: In the menu that appears, select Import Bookmarks from HTML.

Import Bookmarks to Firefox

Step 5: A new window will open. Here, select the bookmark file and click on Open.

Import Bookmarks to Firefox

Import Bookmarks from Chrome, Edge, or Safari to Firefox

Alternatively, you can directly import bookmarks to Firefox from other browsers like Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, or Safari on your Mac or Windows computer. Here’s how to do it:

Step 1: Visit the Bookmark Library and click on Import and Backup.

Step 2: Click on Import data from another browser.

Import Bookmarks from Chrome Edge to Firefox

Step 3: A new window will pop up- here, select the browser from which you want to import the bookmarks. After that, click on Next.

Import Bookmarks from Chrome Edge to Firefox

Step 4: If you have multiple profiles in Chrome or Edge, the next window will ask you to confirm which profile data you want to import. Select the desired profile and click Next.

Step 5: The next window will ask you to confirm what information you want to import. Here Bookmarks and any other data you want to import including history and passwords.

Step 6: Click on Next, and wait for Firefox to import the data.

Step 7: Hit Finish once the data is imported.

Import or Export Bookmarks in Firefox Mobile

Export Bookmarks Using Sync

Unfortunately, Firefox doesn’t provide any built-in feature to export or import bookmarks in Android. But, we do have a workaround wherein you can sync existing Firefox bookmarks on phone to the cloud and then export them via PC.

Step 1: Launch the Firefox app on your phone and open the menu.

Step 2: If you haven’t signed in or synced your account, click on Sign in to sync.

Step 3: You can either scan the QR code in Firefox PC or use the email used to log in to the Firefox PC to sign in to firefox Android.

Step 4: After logging into your firefox account, click on the three dots and tap your account name/ email address.

Step 5: You will be taken to the Account settings page to select what all information you want to sync. Here we are selecting Bookmarks.

Step 6: After selecting the files to be synced, click on Sync now.

Step 7: After that, Open the Firefox browser on your PC. Sign in to sync if you haven’t already.

Step 8: Click on the three-bar menu, then Bookmarks, and then Manage Bookmarks. 

Step 9: On the Bookmarks window, click on the Mobile Bookmarks or the Bookmark folder where you have saved your mobile bookmarks.

Step 10: Here, you will see your mobile bookmarks. To export these bookmarks, click on Import and Backup.

Step 11: Click on Export Bookmarks to HTML.

Step 12: A new window will open to name the file and select the location. After that, click on Save.

Import Bookmarks Using Sync

Similar to export, you can use sync to import bookmarks on Firefox mobile browser. All you need to do import bookmarks on FireFox PC and make sure that they sync to your phone.

Step 1: On Firefox PC, open the Bookmark Library, click on Import and Backup, and and then select Import Bookmarks from HTML.

Step 2:  A new window will open- select the bookmark file to import and click Open.

Step 3: Give it a few minutes. The bookmarks on your PC will be synced across all devices with your Firefox account.

Export Bookmarks FireFox Mobile

SYou can now open bookmarks page in your Firefox mobile app to see the imported bookmarks.

Export and Import Bookmarks using Third-Party Apps

Since most mobile browsers don’t provide you with the backup feature, the best way to backup your bookmarks between Chrome, Edge, or Firefox is by using a third-party bookmarks saver app.

Here, we’re using an app called Bookmark Folder which can organize all of your bookmarks in bulk. You can select the browser of your choice to open each bookmark- no need for importing or exporting when you switch to a different browser..

To Begin With- Install Bookmark Manager and Add Bookmarks

Step 1: Open Google Play Store and search for Bookmark manager.

Step2: Select Bookmark Folder and click on Install. You can use any app of your choice.

Step 3: Open the app and add bookmarks by clicking the Create Link button (it looks like a globe).

Step 4: Add TitleURL, and select the browser of your choice.

Step 5: Click on the OK button to save the bookmark.

Export Bookmarks from Bookmark Folder

Step 1: In the Bookmark manager app click the Menu button.

Step 2: Click on Import/ Export option.

Step 3: On the next page, click on Export Backup file or Export HTML file.

Step 4: Select the location, rename the file, and click on Save.

Import Bookmarks in Bookmark Folder

Step 1: Visit the Import/Export page and click on the Import Backup file or the Import HTML file.

Step 2: Select the bookmark file.

Step 3: A new confirmation window will open up. Click on OK.


I hope this guide helps you import and export Firefox bookmarks or favorites. We’ve given methods for all four platforms including Widnows, macOS, Android, and iOS. Anyways, if you still face any issues with importing or exporting Firefox favorites, then let us know in the comments below.


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