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How to Send Tabs to Other Devices in Firefox

Sharing tabs between different devices has always been a tough task. However, the Firefox tab sharing feature allows one to easily send tabs between devices. If you own more than one device and use Firefox as your default browser, you can use this feature to share tabs effortlessly from Desktop to Android/ iOS smartphone and vice versa. Here’s how to send tabs to other devices in Firefox.

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Share Tabs Between Your Devices Using Firefox

Mozilla is busy adding new features in its Firefox browser. It’s already got exciting features like a built-in password generator, screenshot tool, color picker tool, and many more. In addition to them, Firefox users can now send tabs between devices, using the method given below.

On Desktop

If you are looking to send tabs from your desktop, then follow the below steps.

If you’re already signed in to your Firefox account, skip to Step 4.

Step 1: Open Firefox browser on your Windows PC or Mac. Tap the application menu in the upper right corner.

Application Menu

Step 2: Tap on the Sign-in besides Sync and save data to visit the Firefox login page. Alternatively, you can visit this link to go to the Sign-in page.

Sync and Save Data

Step 3: On the next screen, enter your email and tap on Continue. If you already have a Firefox account with that email, you will be asked to enter your password. If there is no account with the entered email, Firefox will ask you to enter a password and create the account.

It is mandatory to log in with a Firefox account to send tabs between devices.

Enter your email

Step 4: Once you have successfully logged in with your Firefox account, click on the tab you want to send to your other devices.

Right click on a tab

Step 5: A pop-up menu will appear with different options for the tab. Among those options, tap on Send tab to device.

You will see a list of all your devices. Select the device to which you want to send the tab. A Sent message will appear on the right side of the screen.

Send Tabs to Other Devices in Firefox

On Phone

To send tabs from your iPhone to your other devices, follow the steps below. The process is similar for Firefox on Android.

If you’re already signed in to your Firefox account, skip to Step 8.

Step 1: Oen Firefox browser on your iPhone and tap the Application Menu at the bottom right.

Tap on Application Menu

Step 2: In the menu, tap on Settings.


Step 3: Under settings, tap on Sign in to Sync.

Sign in to Sync

Step 4: You can either sign in with your camera or use your email.

Ready to Scan

Step 5: To sign in with Camera, open on your computer. You will land on a Connect another device page. Tap on the Show Code option here.

Show Code

Step 6: A QR code will appear on your desktop screen.

Scan QR Code

Step 7: On your iPhone or iPad, tap on Ready to scan to open the QR Code scanner. Scan the code visible on your desktop screen. You will get an approval prompt on your desktop- approve it to get logged in.

Approve Login request

Step 8: After getting logged in, visit the page you want to send to your devices and tap on the page actions menu.

Send Tabs to Other Devices in Firefox

Step 9: Among the menu options, tap on Send link to Device.

Send Tab Links to Other Devices in Firefox

Step 10: Now, you will see all the available devices. Tap on the device’s name on which you want to send that tab and then click Send.

Send Tabs to Other Devices in Firefox

A confirmation message “Tab Sent” will appear on the bottom of the screen. The sent tab will get opened automatically on the selected device.

What to Do if You Don’t See Your Device Listed

You can easily send tabs between your devices in firefox following the above steps. But there is one little problem: you may not see your device listed on tapping the Send tab to device option. Well, you can only send tabs to the devices wherein you’re signed in with your Firefox account. If you do not see your device listed, follow the below steps to add that device.

Step 1: Open Firefox on your other device. It could be an Android or iOS smartphone or another PC.

Step 2: Open the application menu. On Desktop, tap on Sign in next to Sync and save data. On Smartphone first, go to Settings, and then you will see the Sign in to sync option, tap on it.

Step 3: On the sign-in screen, enter your email and tap on Continue. Enter the password to sign in successfully.

Once done, newly added devices will start appearing when you try to send tabs to other devices.

Final Words

This is how you can send tabs between devices in Firefox. All you have to do is sign in with your Firefox account and turn on the Sync option on all of your devices. Once done, you can send tabs across your devices by following the steps given above. The feature is interesting and worked quite well in our brief usage. Anyways, what do you think about the tab sharing feature in Firefox? Please drop a comment to let us know.