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What is DuckDuckGo Email Protection? How to Use It?

Willingly or not, we all had to give up our email addresses to check out a website or sign up to get product discounts and freebies. Most of these websites send you newsletters, and promotional emails carrying privacy invasive trackers. DuckDuckGo has a solution in store for such email trackers. In this article, we will help you understand DuckDuckGo Email Protection and how to use it.

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What is DuckDuckGO Email Protection?

DuckDuckGo has lately gone through a lot of new developments. This includes launching a dedicated PC version, followed by features like App Tracking Protection and Email Protection.

With DuckDuckGo Email Protection, you can mask your real email address and remove trackers from emails. You’ll first have to create an email with DuckDuckGo and link it with your actual email address. You can then use this email to sign up on sites and services and it will redirect all the emails back to your email address tracker for free.

How Does Protection Work?

How Does DuckDuckGo Email Protection Work

When you link your email account with email, all the emails sent to are processed and any known trackers are removed from the email. All this happens in memory and no emails are copied to the disk or servers. Once processed, the email is forwarded to your real email address.

An Email Protection Report will also be attached to the filtered email so you can see which trackers have been removed along with a Delivery Report to show you where the email came from.

How To Set Up DuckDuckGo Email Protection

To use the DuckDuckGo Email Protection service, you will first have to create a email address. We will take you through step by step process to create and set up a email address and use Email protection.

Step 1: First download the DuckDuckGo Privacy Essentials extension from Chrome Web Store.

You need to have the extension installed on your browser to use Email Protection.

To use DuckDuckGo Email Protection on a smartphone, download the DuckDuckGo Browser app for Android and iOS.

Step 2: Now visit and click on Get Started.

Using DuckDuckGo Email Protection

Step 3: Click Next on the Welcome to Email Protection screen.

Step 4: Again click Next to agree to Email Protection Privacy Guarantees and Service Terms.

Step 5: Now on the first text field, create your new email address.

Create Your Duck com Email Address

Step 6: In the second text field, enter your email address and click on Continue.

That’s it, you have created your email address and enabled email protection.

Since you already have the DuckDuckGo extension, it will autofill email fields or you can generate a random email as well.

Using DuckDuckGo Email Protection

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are the Advantages of Using DuckDuckGo Email Protection?

With DuckDuckGo Email Protection you get privacy benefits like preventing your real email from being exposed, email tracker filtering, Email Protection, and Delivery report.

Q. Is DuckDuckGo Email Protection Free?

Yes, it is a free-to-use service that helps mask your email address, removes a variety of email trackers, lets you autofill email fields, and lets you generate unlimited random email addresses.

Q. Why Do You Need DuckDuckGo Email Protection Service?

Email trackers not only read when you opened your email, but they also allow advertisers to track your online behavior and use your email address to send you targeted ads. This is why it is important to protect your email address and block email trackers.

Q. Do You Need to Install DuckDuckGo Extension to Use Email Protection Service?

yes, on your desktop browser you will have to download the DuckDuckGo extension to use this service, and to set it up on your phone, you will have to download the DuckDuckGo browser app.

Wrapping Up

This was all about what is DuckDuckGo Email Protection and how to use it. Most of us don’t think much before signing up on random websites and the risk of privacy doesn’t even pop up once. But this is a great initiative by DuckDuckGo to not only educate about the threat of email trackers but also allow users to protect their email addresses by masking them. Stay tuned for more such articles and guides.