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6 Ways to Fix Microsoft Edge Update Check Failed on Mac

Does Microsoft Edge not update automatically on your Mac? Or does it show “Sorry, Microsoft Edge Update Check Failed” while trying to update the browser manually? Well, here are different methods to fix the Microsoft Edge Update Check Failed error while updating the browser. Read on.

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How to Fix “Sorry, Microsoft Edge Update Check Failed” on Mac

The easiest way to update Edge is by heading to Settings > About Microsoft Edge. The browser will then automatically check and download updates if available. However, many Mac users have reported that Edge shows “Update Check Failed” when trying to update. It’s a common issue which we too have faced on one of our machines. Thankfully, it can be fixed with simple troubleshooting, shown below.

Method 1- Update Edge Using Microsoft AutoUpdate

If Edge isn’t updating automatically, follow the steps below.

Step 1: Open Edge and tap the three-dot menu.

Step 2: Click on Settings and select About Microsoft Edge from the sidebar at the left.

Step 3: Wait for it to show the “Sorry, Microsoft Edge Update Check Failed” error.

Step 4: Then, tap the Open Microsoft AutoUpdate button.

Step 5: Once the window opens, tap Try Again to try for updates manually.

Microsoft Edge Update Check Failed Mac

Disable and Renable Automatic Updates

Step 1: If it does not work, tap Advanced.

Microsoft Edge Update Check Failed Mac

Step 2: Uncheck the box for Automatically Download and Install and tap Turn Off to confirm.

Microsoft Edge Update Check Failed Mac

Step 3: Recheck the box.

Microsoft Edge Update Check Failed Mac

Doing so will trigger the automatic update, and it may automatically update your browser to the latest version.

Method 2- Check Connectivity

To begin with, check your internet connection. Visit to see the upload and download speeds. Furthermore, try switching between Wifi networks. If you don’t have any other Wifi network around, connect to your phone’s Wifi hotspot temporarily.

Here’s how to improve Wifi range, speed, and connectivity.

Method 3- Disable VPN

A VPN lets you mask your computer’s location to browse the web without revealing your real IP identity. However, it could be that the VPN you’re using is blocking Microsoft Edge from downloading correctly. So, disconnect the VPN, close and re-open Edge, and go to the About section to see if it can update automatically.

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Method 4- Check Website-Specific Restrictions

Your organization or workplace might have blocked certain websites from accessing the network. This, in turn, might affect the Edge browser’s ability to download and install updates.

In that case, ensure that (which Microsoft Edge checks for updates) and * (from which the Edge can be downloaded when an update is available) are allowed on the network.

Method 5- Manually Download & Install Latest Edge

Alternatively, you can manually download and install the latest available build of Microsoft Edge on your Mac machine. Here’s how to do it:

Step 1: Visit Microsoft Edge’s official download page.

Step 2: Here, click on Download for macOS.

Update Edge on Mac

Step 3: Specify whether you have Mac with Intel or M1 chip.

Update Edge on Mac

Step 4: Finally, accept the terms and conditions to download.

Update Edge on Mac

Step 5: Once downloaded, open the package file.

Update Edge on Mac

Step 6: Install it normally like any other application.

Update Edge on Mac

Method 6- Uninstall and Reinstall Microsoft Edge

If nothing works or if you want to fix the built-in update option in Edge, uninstall and reinstall the browser using the steps below:

Step 1: Open Finder on your Mac.

Step 2: Head to Applications.

Uninstall Microsoft Edge on Mac

Step 3: Right-click on Microsoft and hit Move to Bin.

Uninstall Microsoft Edge on Mac

Step 4: Follow the process in Method 5 to reinstall the latest version of Microsoft Edge.

(Resolved) Microsoft Edge Update Failed

These were some working methods to fix the Sorry Microsoft Edge Update Check Failed error on Mac. In my case, the error got fixed after disabling and reenabling automatic updates in Microsoft AutoUpdate. Anyways, what worked for you? Let us know via comments. Stay tuned for more tips, tricks, and how-tos on Edge and related browsers.