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How to Enable and Use Built-in Screenshot Tool in Google Chrome for Android

With Chrome 85, Google completely changed the Google Chrome sharing menu on Android with options to Copy link, Send to your devices, QR Code, and Print. Now, Google has added a new Screenshot Tool in the Chrome sharing menu. The Chrome Screenshot Tool is rolling out with the new Chrome 91. So, if you are looking to try out the new Chrome screenshot tool, keep reading this article. I will explain how you can get it and use it on your Chrome.

Enable & Use Chrome Screenshot Tool on Android

How to Enable and Use Built-in Screenshot Tool in Google Chrome for Android

Screenshots can be handy, especially when we want to share a webpage with someone. Although, almost all smartphones come with screenshot options either accessed through pressing the volume down+power button or by performing gestures. But having a screenshot tool in the Chrome sharing menu and an editor will change how Chrome users take and share screenshots.

To check whether the new screenshot tool is rolling out to you or not, update the Chrome browser. Go to the Play Store and check if there’s an update available for Chrome. You can also directly visit this link to check for updates.

Use Chrome Screenshot Tool on Android

Once you have the latest version of Chrome, try to share a webpage on Chrome either through the address bar or by tapping the three-dot menu in the top right corner and then selecting Share. If the feature is being rolled out on your device, you will see an option named Screenshot with a new tag in the bottom left corner. Tap on it, and you will get the option to take the screenshot.

Can’t Find the Screenshot Option in Chrome? Enable it Manually

In case you are not seeing the option, do not worry. Follow the steps below to enable it manually in the browser.

Step 1: Open Chrome and in the address bar, type chrome://flags/#chrome-share-screenshot. You will directly land on the Chrome Share Screenshots flag.

Step 2: Enable the flag and relaunch Chrome. Now try to share a webpage and you shall see the screenshot option.

Enable Chrome Screenshot Tool on Android

Chrome’s Screenshot Tool Editing Features

Once you take a screenshot by tapping the Screenshot button, you will be greeted with three options to play with: Crop, Text, and Draw.

Chrome Screenshot Editor on Android

If you want to crop a specific part of the webpage, use the crop option. Then, select the part which you want to capture a screenshot.

Chrome Screenshot Editor on Android

If you are looking to write a text on the screenshot, then go with the Text option. A box will appear in which you can write the text you want. If you want to write the text in a specific color, you can pick 18 different available colors.

Write a text on the screenshot

The third option is to draw. By using it, you can draw on the screenshot. You can write something or draw a curve to highlight or mark a particular part of screenshots. This can be useful while giving tutorials.

Draw screenshots

Once you have used the editor and are ready to share the screenshot, click on Next. There will be three options- Share this screenshot, Save to device only, and Delete. Picking the “Share this screenshot” will option a list of your contacts, and you can share the screenshot with them.

The second option is to save the screenshot on your device. Selecting it will save the screenshot in your downloads folder. Lastly, you can delete the screenshot in case you have changed the mind and don’t want to share or save it.

Share or Save the Screenshot Using Chrome Screenshot Editor on Android

Final Words

The new Chrome Android screenshot tool is very helpful and you must try it if you regularly take and share screenshots of the web. If you still haven’t received the feature, update your Chrome or try to enable it through flags. After getting it, take screenshots using it and use the editor to edit the screenshots. You can share it with your friends or save it on your smartphone. What do you think about this cool new feature? Let me know in the comments.